Christmas Lunch 2009

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Christmas Lunch 2009 - Part 3

I actually have a couple of more of these general table shots but I can’t fit them into the 10 MB of storage space that Cox allows me for this kind of use. I did include all of the full “head shots” that Jim took and enough of these “crowd shots” to give you a pretty good flavor of the good time that we all had. Being able to renew acquaintances with our old friends is one of the rare pleasures of life. I hope we will all be able to continue to do these kinds of meetings for many years to come.

Don Roth

LeRoy and Martha Schiff, Ricardo DeLeon, Leo Barker

Marv Fulton

Mary Rose Escobedo

Marzell Miller

Denny Specht, John Stacy, Vic Solimena, Terry Stewart

Pat Childers and Ed O’Neill

Pat Schlesinger

Patti and Ron Johnson

George Ribeiro, Fred Disharoon, Stan Spicer

Ricardo DeLeon and Tina Hernandez

Roger Peart

Sherley and Frank McPhillips

Stan Spicer

Steve Carter

Milt Rudd

Susie Litchfield

Wayne Gray, Boyd ?, Monte Goeller

Table “1”

Wally Tauriainen

Table “2”

Table “3”

Table “4”

Table “5”

Table “6”

Table “7”

Table “8”

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