Rohr Chula Vista - Christmas 2009

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 2009 Rohr/BFG/Goodrich Retiree Lunch Meeting
Christmas Lunch 2009

Christmas Photographs

As promised, I have received the images that Jim McKechnie took at our recent Christmas lunch meeting and have arranged them into this informal slide show so that you can see all of them.

Jim originally shot the images at a much higher resolution and then resized them to the size that I am presenting here. But these should give you images that are suitable for printing up to approximately 5 X 7 inches. If you are really excited about the quality of the image of you and your friends and would like to print them up at poster size, Jim ( can probably send you the original-size image if you contact him directly.

So, without further ado, here are the images labeled as plainly as Jim and I could make them. Please excuse any minor typos of names/persons. Some of your penmanship on Jim’s list was not all that legible. Besides, we are old and it’s hard to keep things straight sometimes.

Submitted by Don Roth, December 2009

A.Y. Casillas

Al Krasne

Krasne, Schlesinger, Lewis, Carter

Ben & Phyllis Benbrook

Betty Vest

Bill Difley

Bill Pritzl

Torok, Wagy, Mulkins

Barbara and Bob Daly

Marty and Bob Stone

Brent Luker and Norris Gill

Carol Molyneaux

Chuck Guthrie

Dewey Nelson

Pat and Don Schmautz

Elaine Mills, Ron Miller, Nancy Peterson

Ernie Taylor

Frank Roseman

Frank Webb

Fred Disharoon

Suzi and George Ribeiro

Greg and Bill McClendon, Al Garcia

Herb James and Howard Swanson

Jack Beasley

Jack Bradley

Jayne Jones

Jean and Don Roth

Jim McKechnie and Judee Wood

Joan Taylor

John Santmyer

John Walsh

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