Joe and Vera Beardsley

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Joe A. and Vera Beardsley

Joe was born in 1911, and Vera was born in 1904--but denied it until the day she died!!!!!! Joe and Vera Beardsley were married in 1942. They both worked at Rohr Chula Vista. Joe worked the First Shift, played on the Rohr tennis team, and was recognized by Mr. Rohr for his production idea. Vera enjoyed gardening and embroidery. Vera was awarded the Army-Navy "E" emblem for her work at Rohr. After leaving Rohr they opened a funeral home in Ocean Beach, California. In 1952, Joe and Vera divorced. As part of the divorce agreement, Vera was able to buy Joe out and she kept the funeral home. She was a very successful business woman in the Ocean Beach community and was way ahead of her time with her activities in the Ocean Beach business community. Joe remarried in 1953 in Los Angeles, moved to Mesa, Arizona, and bought a dry cleaning/laundromat/beauty shop business.

Joe died in Mesa of a brain aneurism in 1976. Vera lived in Ocean Beach and died there in 1986. 

Submitted by Donna Wade, May 10, 2013

These photographs were scanned from Vera's photo albums.
Click on the images below to enlarge them.

Vera Beardsley, Anaheim, California, January 1944

Friends of the Beardsleys, Lake Arrowhead, California, January 1, 1944

Vera and Joe Beardsley, Anaheim, California, January 1944

Joe Beardsley (on left)

Vera Beardsley (in foreground)

from a Rohr newsletter, Inspectors Burlesqued with Raynes and I. Dagan. Dagan was a personal friend of the Beardsleys and also worked at Rohr.

Ann & Sgt. Milnes

Vera received this Army-Navy Production award "E" emblem on April 10, 1943.

Hennenberg Match 1943. Joe Beardsley vs. Paul Henneberg.

"North Park." Joe playing tennis on the North Park tennis courts in San Diego, California.

Joe's tennis games mentioned in a Rohr newsletter.

Ryan Aeronautical Corp. vs. Rohr tennis games as featured in a Rohr newsletter.

Joe's tennis games mentioned in a Rohr newsletter.

Rohr Aircraft vs. Navy tennis matches.

Joe Beardsley received $10 for his inspection suggestion, July 15, 1944

Joe's award for Production Ideas signed by Fred H. Rohr, July 15, 1944.

My "V" Garden, April-'43. Vera watering her garden.

"Working." Joe working on the house.

"Vera's Garden." Joe watering Vera's garden.

Joe playing in the Rohr v. Ryan tennis match June 10, 1945 as mentioned in The AeROHRcrafter, June 2, 1945.

Last updated: 6/21/2013

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