Don & Homer Reeder

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Don Reeder
Homer Reeder


DON REEDER was born April 30, 1939 in Synder, Texas, Scurry County, and lived in a suburb of Fort Worth during high school. He graduated from Brewer High School. He may have worked at General Dynamics (now Lockheed) in Fort Worth. DON worked at the Rohr Chula Vista plant in the 60s and 70s. He was a computer programmer, possibly in management. He lived on Childs Avenue in San Diego with wife Barbara Ann, and daughters Donna, Vicki and Andi. Don's father was HOMER ALVIN REEDER, and his brother is Tom Reeder. Don and Barbara were divorced when their youngest daughter was 6 months old. Don passed away in 1995.

In addition to information and photographs on Don, daughter Donna is hoping to learn more about her grandfather HOMER REEDER. HOMER may have worked at Rohr as early as the 50's. Donna remembers him wearing a blue uniform shirt and pants with his name on it everyday. HOMER may also have worked at General Dynamics. He has also passed away.
Submitted by Donna Reeder Johnson, 6/5/2009.



Photograph of Don & Barbara Reeder with Donna & Vicki, taken around 1965, courtesy Donna Reeder Johnson. Donna is standing in front of her mother holding her shoe.

Don, Tom and Homer Reeder

Homer and Oma Reeder with a nephew

Don Reeder 1965-1966

Don Reeder and daughter Donna.

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